Life In The Slow Lane

Life is a series of interesting events and now it is much slower for me. I used to get paid to create, write, brainstorm, design and even blog. Now I have an illness that impacts my brain and likes to be uncooperative.

I still face some pretty interesting hurdles after three brain surgeries, but I do not let those hurdles dictate my happiness. It is a major inconvenience, although it has taught me a lot about myself. I blog because writing is cathartic and an outlet. I also hope that people who read may understand a little more about illnesses that are not always visible.

Wife. Mother to girls 10 years apart. I own a slightly neurotic dog, Sophie. My cat, Bumper, owns me (and is likely the cause of the dog’s neurosis).

I’m a coffee snob. I believe chocolate is a food group.

I’m just trying to balance everything on my plate. I laugh a lot, and mostly at myself.




2 responses to “Life In The Slow Lane

  1. Wow, that sounds really tough…having to give up everything because of your uncooperative brain. I do like your positive attitude and sense of humor. Hopefully the surgeries helped and you can regain some normalcy in your life. Take care.:)


  2. Liz

    I didn’t realize you were back to writing your blog! So glad to see you are…It’s always a GREAT read!! Love you!!! xoxo


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