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Put a Cork in It! 

Ok! I have a new favorite thing. I’m not one to pimp out products, but I also share something I love with all my friends. Having been in the marketing world for years, I know just how important word of mouth is for a company.
Corksicle. This thing is AWESOME. If my tumbler is as great as this you can pretty much bank on the fact the other products are too. 

24oz tumbler in gloss turquoise

It is simply the coolest cup ever – and by cool I mean this thing keeps a drink ice cold for 9 hours. Well, that’s the claim! However, I have experienced longer amounts of time. It also keeps hot drinks piping hot for 3 hours! I am one of those picky people who cannot stand room temp water, or lukewarm coffee. 

Corksicle tumblers are triple insulated stainless steel, and they do NOT sweat in the least! It also comes with a shatterproof plastic lid – totally important to klutzy me!

My youngest asked me if they have water bottles for her. She’s exactly like me (imagine that) and likes ice cold water. Of course I looked and there is a fabulous canteen! That sucker keeps a beverage cold for 25 hours. She can go from school to swim practice easily.  

16oz canteen in gloss pink

I could go on and on! Check out Corksicle for yourself.  You’ll notice that the product line first started with adult beverages. You might find some pretty neat items there as well (wink wink).


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Juicing Queen

I’ve done it! I’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon. After tons of reading and advice from friends who are pros, I’m changing my norm.

Before you raise your eyebrows and wonder how long it will last, I will say I have reached a point where I will do anything within my power to alleviate my issues. A close friend talked to me about how organic, healthy smoothies saved her during chemo. She then proceeded to march into my kitchen with fruits and veggies and my very own industrial smoothie maker! My kitchen was literally a buzz and I had my first legit health smoothie…not your Smoothie King variety! It was great. You would never have believed green leaves were in there!

It doesn’t stop there either. My college roommate called the other day and said, ‘I’m shipping you a juicer.’ Apparently there are pretty big differences between the two. So now I am going to add the juicing machine to my arsenal of good health.

Fresh smoothies and juice – here I come. Don’t knock broccoli, pear, apple, wheat grass, coconut oil and spinach until you try it. It will surprise you.

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The Coolest Thing Ever

I love it when I find something cool! I am all about sharing the love with a cool product. I didn’t realize just how awesome this item was until I was unexpectedly sent to the hospital. Boy did it save me, and became a talked about item with my entire care staff!
I ordered this really amazing medical alert bracelet! It is stylish and not something that you would expect to look great. One day I was shopping alone in Target when a little boy about cracked me in the head with a baseball bat. Seriously. I was alone and freaked out thinking about my vast medical history and what would happen if I had been knocked unconscious by this toddler in Target. After talking it over with my mom (the 4th gal), we decided it was smart to shop for medic-alert items. I found nothing that I wanted to wear, but I knew that I needed wear something!
I finally stumbled on to Sticky Jewelry and found this super cool USB device. It has links on either end for your choice of bracelet. Unfortunately I have pachyderm wrists and have problems with bracelets. Low and behold I was able to find expandable bracelets made for mix and match watches at Cracker Barrel (of all places). Voila – this incredibly stylish life saver. I can interchange the bracelets with outfits or seasons and still have my much needed medical information in case of emergency.
You can control how much, or how little you put on your device. Mine is loaded with treating physicians, emergency contacts, my disease history, and all interactions with medicines. I love my bracelet and have no problems wearing it, or showing it off. If you or a loved one is in need of a medic-alert bracelet – Check out Sticky Jewelry. You can also find them on Facebook! Tell them Sally sent you.


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Everyone Needs A Little Help & Some Awesome Food

We have all known people who need a little extra help at some point in their lives. Be it a friend who has recently had a baby, or one that has faced a tough illness, we often find ourselves wanting to lend a hand. One thing that has been instilled in me as a good southern woman – you feed a person’s body, spirit, and soul. Food is healing!

Recently I found myself in a position where the last thing I could do was feed my own family. We received many phone calls from people who wanted to help feed us while I was ill. I have to admit there was nothing more comforting than a home cooked meal from a dear friend. If my culinary challenged wonderful  husband was in charge of feeding himself, two kids, and a sick wife we would be eating tater tots, frozen burritos, and boxed mac & cheese. A wonderful group of people knew I needed nourishment to help recover from my illness and set up a meal circle.

If you are like me and enjoy helping someone by feeding them good home-cooked food, you must check out Take Them A Meal. I’ve personally used the site to help coordinate a meal delivery system, but I have never been on the receiving end of the website until recently. What a wonderful, convenient way to get the job done! The coordintor’s job is easy, and the recipient is well-informed about what is happening. Take Them A Meal is simple and organized!

I am grateful for dear people who knew we were struggling and kept my family fed with some awesome food. When I am 100% you’d better believe I will be cooking for and nourishing the next person who needs something besides frozen meals and takeout.

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