Job Well-Done

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back and admiring a job well-done. It is even more rewarding when it involves something you’ve taught your child!

I have been a tad worried about transitioning from a school that requires uniforms to one that does not. When the biggest decision a child has is the shirt they wear and what accessories are acceptable, it’s pretty simple. I do not recall a time in 5 years that we argued over school clothes. Khaki or khaki is a cinch when you are purchasing back-to-school clothes each August!

I have a tween daughter who loves clothes…and shoes! When she was accepted into her new school she began to revel in all the clothing and style opportunities to come. I began to sweat. I started to add up the cost, and envisioned the arguments.

Recently we began looking through catalogs, and viewing back-to-school clothes online. I was honestly surprised and amazed at my soon-to-be 12 year old daughter. She is such the savvy shopper, and is incredibly cost conscious.

Sometimes I hear my mother when I open my mouth – Money does not grow on trees! … I’m not made of money…No! I can’t just put it on the credit card. I don’t say things like this much, but with two girls who have nice/stylish taste I may have used them a time or two. Life is a little different since my disability and not having a full-time job has changed the way I spend. If I’m being completely honest I have always tried to teach my children to be cost-conscious shoppers – it has just paid off now that I am disabled.

As my tween and I were marking things she liked she began to add things up and budget. I heard her say things like “I don’t want to pay that much for that when I can get something  similar in another store.” That statement caused me to seriously pause and admire her attitude. Let’s face it – we all know this generation is used to excess and getting much of what they desire (there goes my mother again). My child instructed me to look at a couple of sites to compare prices. She began to do the math, and when a huge sale popped up she seriously did a dance! She found a sale at a shop she loves that allowed her to get 3 pairs of jeans just over the price of ONE on another site. She was so happy and squealed , “We’re way under budget!”

The coolest thing here is that SHE drove the discussion. SHE refused to pay a high price, and SHE compared prices on the things she wanted to purchase for school. The feeling of knowing that my child has actually listened and learned from me was incredible. I know she learns from me every day, but to see her apply that knowledge is amazing.

So now I sit back and watch her circle shoe styles in catalogs and wonder aloud why things are so expensive. “I’m just going to show people that you can have a great sense of style while on a budget.” Job well-done mom, job WELL-DONE!


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