The WordPress Daily Post photo challenge spoke to me today. I am the epitome of the word “fray.”

I am both noun and verb. I am fight and struggle, as well as a sight that could frighten most anything away.


Last week I had two brain surgeries in five days. I spent a large part of the week in ICU, and now I can finally function out of the bed. In my opinion “fray” is strength and filled with positive meaning. I will overcome this with time. These are my battle scars.



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27 responses to ““Fray”

  1. Good to be out of bed, and blogging, right! I love it! You are a warrior, clearly. And whatever is going on don’t stand a chance against you. :)- :)-
    Hang tough!!!


  2. Oh my! I almost didn’t want to “like” your photos. I’m sending you peace and healing from Nicaragua. Wear your battle scars proudly.


  3. You are amazing! Sending you strength and positivity 🙂 (hug)


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  5. All my best to you and get well soon! 🙂


  6. Olala! Looks like a mean cut…


  7. I think you’ve triumphed in the fray! Many blessings to you as you recover.



  8. Of course you will overcome this 🙂 I scrolled in a rather desultory way through the Fray photo entries this evening and yours was the first that called out to me and the first I clicked on. I am excited to come across your writing, which I am really enjoying, and wish you all the best for your recovery x x


  9. Wow most people would still be moaning and you are sharing and out there. Good for you to have the strength. Positive thoughts are off your way 🙂


  10. you rock, my dear! battle scars indeed, but you’ll be stronger now! take care!


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  12. Sending you love and prayers for your recovery. This is definitely a frayed head but not your spirits.


  13. Diana

    Your poor head! And a perfect example of “fray.” May the surgery have been successful, and may the scars become a distant memory over a healthy brain, under a gorgeously thick head of hair.


  14. Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery! Get well soon!


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  16. prayers and good wishes to you


  17. It is so hard to be brave all the time. Thank you for sharing a little of what you are going through and showing your wounds. I am at the three month point of recovery from only one brain surgery and I can tell you that with time and patience (& lots of pain meds), things have greatly improved. I wish you health, patience, strength and good healing.


  18. These photos could also be a response to the prompt “Strong”
    All the best on ya!


  19. I’m humbled by your bravery to share such a personal experience ❤ May your incisions heal quickly and may your scars remind you of your strength and resilience!


  20. Wow – fray in a very big sense indeed. Good luck on the road to recovery.


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  25. Wishing all the best and lots of good vibes with love!!!!
    Anami, xx


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