I’m Going To Explode

I seriously cannot contain my excitement and I am pretty sure my family thinks I am losing it. It’s vacation time!


It has been so long since I have been able to get away for total enjoyment, though this time will not be without its challenges. I have tons of family surrounding me for support and I am READY! All of our road trips and extended stays  have been to Baltimore for medical specialists. THIS trip is about me, my family, fun and frivolity, and Vitamin Sea! I’m not a sun goddess by any means, but simply being out of my bubble is all I need.

My  attempt to recharge for three days at the beach last year resulted in a nasty sun/medicine reaction  after the first day. Lovely. For this attempt I needed a place that was an easy car ride away, and had more to it than just sand and surf. Voila…my old friend, Hilton Head Island. A beautiful place in South Carolina with trees, beaches, sound, harbors and SOOOO much more.


Currently I am fascinated by the wildlife at Hilton Head! One famous animal has kept me entertained for some time now…Mary Lee. Mary Lee is a great white who is 16 feet and weighs over 3000 pounds. Gasp! She’s been tagged and “pinging” all around the SC coast. Just today my app reports she is near… and, Oh, she is preggers! For a while she was not pinging, but made a special visit to the surface to entertain me. Some are wondering if she has finally given birth.

Just the other day a fascinating article appeared about great white sharks sticking around SC coast. I love how they refer to Mary Lee and the area of Port Royal:

“I suspect she was making that move to drop off her pups somewhere,” Fischer said. “We know how prolifically vibrant the Port Royal Sound is, and it appears to be a hugely important hot spot for sharks in the Atlantic. If you’re a big shark, all of the estuary, inshore coastal area is just fabulous to drop off your baby shark, so it can gorge on (all the sea life).”

Guess what area of Hilton Head we are staying? Port Royal, of course! I will be adhering to my rule  of toes in the ocean – body in the pool.

Mary Lee being tagged. Courtesy of OCEARCH.

Mary Lee being tagged. Courtesy of OCEARCH.

Hilton Head Island’s alligators are also a prosperous lot! Just this week a 12 foot alligator walked right out of the surf. It is pretty much guaranteed that numerous gators will be spotted. It’s a look only scenario people!

Photo courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Photo courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

There are also way less menacing creatures that call  Hilton Head home – dolphins galore, and sea turtles as well. Not to mention egrets, herons, osprey, and white-tailed deer.  It will be interesting to see what photos come from this trip and what I am able to report. You can rest assured that I will be making my way to Port Royal Sound to see what I can see – safely from land!

It’s VACAY COUNTDOWN and I am like a kid on Christmas Eve.










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