One Can Never Be TOO Prepared

I’m obsessively organized. I’ve lived most of my adult life that way (my mother will tell you that it began when I left the house). I just cannot have things looming over me. It’s even more critical for me to get things done as soon as I am able – being sick has taught me that lesson for SURE!

I’m in the department store surrounded by people buying last minute vacation attire, and taking advantage of the great summer sales. Here I am – eye rolling 10 year old in tow – swiping up all the freshly stocked size 12 uniform bottoms (July 14th people). In and out in 15 minutes! Done. I’m awfully proud of myself…uniform bottoms, new book bag ordered, the remaining items all written down neatly in my planner. I’m golden – child two is 80% complete.

Child One is set with new apartment move in date…parking pass…and book ordering plan. I am not even moving the child into her new place. SHE is handling it all. Two years ago I was frantic and so worried that we would leave some major necessity behind (like Target didn’t exist in major metro cities). I sit back now hoping that my overly prepared self has rubbed off a little bit and that her move will go smoothly without me present.

My two very different mom worlds collide in unusual patterns. Today it is all about getting ready for school – in person and over the phone – New book bags and parking passes – lunch boxes and meal plans. Though it IS only July 14th…One can never be TOO prepared.




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