The Great Snow of 2014

The picture of Little Red says it all! It is my favorite picture of this season. This time last week we were obsessively watching all weather sources in anticipation of a big southern snow. “NOAA says…” started almost every conversation for days!

I am well aware of the constant jokes regarding snow and the south. I also poke fun at my fellow southerners who run out for milk, bread and TP at the first sight of flakes. The truth is – we used to get quite a bit of snow when I was a kid!

There is something in this picture that takes me back to my childhood. Perhaps the palpable excitement of my child stirred something in me. As we watched the snow start, then the complete white out set in, I began telling snow stories.

There was nothing more exciting as a kid than waking up to many inches of snow on a January morning. My brother and I would leave the house and gather with neighborhood kids for the entire day. We would meet armed with sleds, inner tubes, and snow discs. I remember the conversations about how to pack the snow just right for maximum speed, and how high the jump should be (yes, there were injuries). Snow forts would be constructed and a stock pile of snowballs would be made. Eventually we would return home, peel off our wet clothes, and drop…then it would all begin again the next day. It was glorious!

Sarah sat and listened to all the stories of busted lips, extreme speeds on hills, fights over who lost the Storm Troopers in the snow (we found them scattered throughout the yard like little dead bodies once the snow melted).

When Sarah headed out to play in the foot of snow, I saw that same gleam in her eyes I know I had at 10 years old. She was out there for hours!!! There was even a snow picnic because she didn’t want to come in long enough to eat. Forget snowmen – she built a massive igloo that took hours (it remains almost a week later). I watched as she just laid in the snow and giggled. “You can either shovel, or make snow angels” became the mantra for the day. We chose snow angels!

Later that evening she laid down with me and whispered, ” I have never seen so much snow in all my life. My face hurts from smiling. This was the best day EVER!” And it was.



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