Apparently I’m An Emerging Trend

Who knew I was part of an emerging trend? Split moms. I just always considered it a fun gamut to run.

Split moms are women with children who have a significant age gap. My children are just a few months shy of ten years apart. In just a couple of months I will be mom to a 20 year old and a 10 year old. College and 4th grade! It IS an interesting gamut to run.

I stumbled across an article that discusses this as an incredibly challenging situation with a few perks. For me it has always been way more full of the perks than the challenges. I have never felt pulled in different directions even though my kids have vastly different needs. I have never really viewed it as a struggle. Everything has always seemed like the best of both worlds.

I’m lucky in more ways than one because my girls adore each other. There is a true bond between them that I love to witness. Of course there are times when they get on the other’s nerves, but that is a rare instance. They have that special sister relationship. I never experience arguments over toys, or clothes. If anything my oldest has been a fantastic role model and a confidante.

Over the past week I found myself relishing in these two worlds. Our conversations have been quite entertaining, and I completely embrace the different worlds my girls are in at the moment.

One is working on a fire safety poster – the other is blowing things up in organic chemistry lab.

One is learning a new way of multiplication and division – the other is studying differential equation (her last math class EVER!).

One is making Valentines for her class while complaining about the boys – the other is attending a sorority date function with her boyfriend.

I discuss Disney movies with my younger child, and Scandal with the oldest (who am I kidding…we ALL discuss Disney movies).

You get the picture. I am often times in this strange vortex. It’s FUN! I have time to give them both what they need individually. I may have kids with a large gap in age, but I also have a gap between braces and cars and tuition. For my girls I am not part of a new trend in motherhood…I’m just Mom.


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