What You Got?

I’ve gotten used to it – my children have gotten used to it – my friends have gotten used to it. My mask.

Yes, my immunocompromised self has to don a rather unattractive accessory during cold and flu season. The hacking, coughing, and general spewing of germs has reached an all new level. People just do not cover or think, “Hey, I could be infecting all kinds of innocent people with my vile behavior.” So I strap on a mask every time I am in public. It is what it is. It is much better than landing myself in the hospital with a severe infection compromising my already ailing brain.

When it comes to the mask we have all learned how RUDE people can be! It’s become a standing joke with us now. We have started playing the game of What Will People Say?!

Little Red and I had a day chocked full of random questions and statements about my mask. One very loudmouthed young woman bellowed for the entire front store to hear, “What you got?!” Besides a much better command of the English language, I quietly said, “Don’t worry. You can’t get it.” Sarah looked up at me with her eyes twinkling – trying hard not to laugh. Our game had begun just 10 minutes after we left the house.

“You must have something wrong with you! I ain’t trying to get personal, but this ain’t normal.” Sarah’s eyes got big and her little voice spoke up and said, “She had brain surgery.” That usually ends the conversation.

This gal just wouldn’t quit. “My uncle had the cancer. He died. It was in his prostrate” (translation – prostate).

I hate to say this is often the norm. Kids point, moms shush, and rude people assault me with questions.

“You have the flu TOO?” No, I protect myself from people like you who choose to infect the rest of us!

“Are you a surgeon?” Yes, brainiac, I just removed a guy’s spleen and ran right into the pharmacy without removing my mask!

Then there are the people you just can’t help! Like the woman in Home Goods who refused to touch the item I was purchasing. She grabbed the item with a bag – head pulled way back with nose scrunched. Pawing at the breakable item, she glared.

In hindsight I wish I had broken out with a cringe worthy coughing fit while gasping for air! I wish I had given her a reason to be asinine. Instead I nicely stood there waiting for my purchase. She continued to glare in judgement. She wasn’t worth the words I wanted to say.

I’m ok with the mask. On the occasion when I have a very kind, compassionate person who asks about my mask I don’t mind giving a brief explanation.


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