Two Years

It’s amazing how time really does fly by when you are older. When I was a kid I remember wishing time would speed up on many occasions only to be cautioned by my mother.

My mother has always been good at making me take note of how time moves at warp speed (she just did it today). I am painfully aware that close to 20 years has flown by with my oldest, and a decade was more like 24 hours with my youngest. Seriously, how can that be true?!

Though I am caught in the children/time quandary, the past two years have been beasts of their own. These two years have been that time head-scratcher. You know what I’m talking about here – the feeling of time standing still one minute, and then hardly believing any time has passed the next!

Two years ago I was laying in a hospital bed. At 5:30 a.m. I had finally gotten to a room after being in the ER for 12+ hours of testing. I don’t recall much about my hours in the ER, but I remember waking as they moved me upstairs.

I began watching the clock move closer to an acceptable hour to call my vacationing parents to break the news. I was preparing the “I’m ok and it will be over soon” conversation in my head.

Two years later – I continue to say “I’m going to be ok and this will all be over soon.” However, each road has a major speed bump, crazy incline, or a sharp turn that we never anticipate. When I was laying in that hospital bed two years ago I never imagined all that would still be ahead of me. I just hold on for the day the major stuff will be over! I accept that I have permanent deficits, but I hope for a more winding, leisurely road ahead.


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