More Than 30 Days

It’s that time of year when your Facebook news feed begins to overflow with reasons of gratitude day after day. I get it. I appreciate the fact people like to give shout outs to the things in their lives for which they are grateful.

I have to say there is the person deep inside who wants to scream ‘What a bunch of crap!’ It’s not because on Day 4 so-in-so had a lame gratitude post – it’s because I think 30 days once a year is crap.

We all get a little more sentimental and reflective around the Thanksgiving holiday. I suppose my feelings surrounding the whole 30 days challenge is that I am so unbelievably grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY. I spend my days overflowing with thankfulness regardless of the time of year!

Looking back, I am positive I was not always like this and I’m sure I took many things for granted. Life often provides you with a shift in focus – mine certainly did. Almost two years ago I was forced to choose between wallowing in self-pity, or searching for something positive to cling to each day. My mantra was born – Make certain that in every day you reflect on even the smallest of gifts.

Being very ill has given me a different perspective of true gratitude. I just LOVE everything about my existence! The people who know my struggles well may think I have lost my damn mind. It is simple really – I just choose to look at all the amazing things my unfortunate situation has brought to the surface. Even in the midst of all this mess, I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

I must go on record saying – I love Thanksgiving! I light up this time of year over all the joy it brings. I will gather around the table with my family and gush about the gratitude we ALL have. For now I will continue to scroll through my news feed and skim through the meaningful and deliberate posts. I will also keep saying give it a try for 365 days – challenge yourself to more! Do it without prompting from Facebook friends and for everyone to see. Do it for your own gain in searching for the smallest of gifts EVERY SINGLE DAY.


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