Juicing Queen

I’ve done it! I’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon. After tons of reading and advice from friends who are pros, I’m changing my norm.

Before you raise your eyebrows and wonder how long it will last, I will say I have reached a point where I will do anything within my power to alleviate my issues. A close friend talked to me about how organic, healthy smoothies saved her during chemo. She then proceeded to march into my kitchen with fruits and veggies and my very own industrial smoothie maker! My kitchen was literally a buzz and I had my first legit health smoothie…not your Smoothie King variety! It was great. You would never have believed green leaves were in there!

It doesn’t stop there either. My college roommate called the other day and said, ‘I’m shipping you a juicer.’ Apparently there are pretty big differences between the two. So now I am going to add the juicing machine to my arsenal of good health.

Fresh smoothies and juice – here I come. Don’t knock broccoli, pear, apple, wheat grass, coconut oil and spinach until you try it. It will surprise you.


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