Regrouping and Returning

I’ve been in the blogging world both personally and professionally for many years. I’ve attended conferences and helped other bloggers work to reach their potential. One thing you will learn early on is that you WILL lose readers, contributors, and sponsors alike if you fail to post new and relevant information. Forsaking your blog is like death to a blogger or an organization who uses blogging as a tool for business.

With good reason I left my blog in the dust. I had two spinal surgeries then I had a little thing called brain surgery. Of course Three Gals was the last thing on my mind on the long, arduous, and often exhausting road leading up to the surgery. I mean – come on – I had my head shaved and holes drilled into my skull. I was left with railroad tracks staples , a device in my brain, but ultimately a new lease on life.

A while back I posted about my illness, and from that point everything went south. Essentially I had permanent damage done as a result of meningitis, and from there I set out on a long road of trying to figure out what happened. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say I was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition where my brain acted as if it had a tumor (even my brain has tendencies toward the dramatic flair). After months of severe pain and high intracranial pressure, brain surgery was the only answer.

I’ve been on disability (thank the Lord for disability insurance) and I have been trying recover. Over the past weeks I have reached a proverbial fork in the road – do I struggle to continue on as I was before, or do I accept a new normal in my life? I will admit I was fighting the thought of never being the same until it dawned on me to just accept what limitations I may have. My limitations do not have to break my spirit the way they have broken my body. Don’t get me wrong – there are people in far worse shape than I am in, and those who have much greater struggles. My reality is that body is awkward at times and I find myself feeling as if I’ve been shot from a canon, I have some memory issues I am working to overcome, and I may always experience a level of pain I was never used to having. I’m OK with that. I have a remarkable support system, and those who are here to help if I ask. Bottom line – I am grateful.

One of the issues I deal with is that my brain seems to get scrambled after being on the computer for more than 15-20 minutes, so I am rarely on the computer anymore. I thought about closing everything down and letting go.

Shameless Apple plug – Thankfully the iPad does not present the same issue (I’m guessing the retina display), and I am trying to see what I can do with this awesome little device (I must remind my family how thankful I am for this awesome gift). Working with my blog may even be a form of brain therapy according to one of my doctors.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Three Gals may help my wires uncross.

I am fortunate to have many readers, followers etc who travel to this site – thank you for being patient and understanding (and if you subscribe via email – surprise!). Hang in there with me as I regroup and return.



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3 responses to “Regrouping and Returning

  1. Stacey

    Oh wow! It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer. I saw some activity on Pinterest here and there, and wondered where you disappeared to for a while. Welcome back and hope your blog helps you “uncross your wires.” Glad to have one of my favorite bloggers back!


  2. Wow. You are now on my list of Heros!!! (and that, my friend, is a very elite list.)

    Sorry you have had to go through this, but I believe in the power of positive and it sounds like you do too.

    Take care and know that I am sending you mad blogger juju.



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