Everyone Needs A Little Help & Some Awesome Food

We have all known people who need a little extra help at some point in their lives. Be it a friend who has recently had a baby, or one that has faced a tough illness, we often find ourselves wanting to lend a hand. One thing that has been instilled in me as a good southern woman – you feed a person’s body, spirit, and soul. Food is healing!

Recently I found myself in a position where the last thing I could do was feed my own family. We received many phone calls from people who wanted to help feed us while I was ill. I have to admit there was nothing more comforting than a home cooked meal from a dear friend. If my culinary challenged wonderful  husband was in charge of feeding himself, two kids, and a sick wife we would be eating tater tots, frozen burritos, and boxed mac & cheese. A wonderful group of people knew I needed nourishment to help recover from my illness and set up a meal circle.

If you are like me and enjoy helping someone by feeding them good home-cooked food, you must check out Take Them A Meal. I’ve personally used the site to help coordinate a meal delivery system, but I have never been on the receiving end of the website until recently. What a wonderful, convenient way to get the job done! The coordintor’s job is easy, and the recipient is well-informed about what is happening. Take Them A Meal is simple and organized!

I am grateful for dear people who knew we were struggling and kept my family fed with some awesome food. When I am 100% you’d better believe I will be cooking for and nourishing the next person who needs something besides frozen meals and takeout.


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