The Greatest Caregiver

So much was planned for the holiday season, but our plans were thwarted by the unexpected.

From November 11th to now, I have been dealing with meningitis. It was a rough time for all of us, but it seems to be looking up as we are poised to enter 2012 – THANK GOODNESS. For 7 weeks I have been in and out of the hospital and dealing with the nasty effects of this illness. Through the entire ordeal there has been one constant – our fourth gal, my mother.

Mom is one of those “go to” people. She is one smart cookie and is a problem solver. Her strength is indestructible and her calming personality is profound. She always comes in like a superhero when disaster strikes and saves the day. Through my recovery she has been ever-present and has run two households.

You don’t mess with Mama Mary. We have lovingly begun to refer to her as “Shirley” – as in Shirley McLain. When something wasn’t being done (or done to her satisfaction right) in the hospital, “Shirley” came out in my mother. We all know that Terms of Endearment scene:

 Though I was not dying, I was in a great deal of pain and one sick puppy. I know from my own experience as a mother – you can’t stand to see your babies sick and in pain. Apparently it is no different when your baby is in her 40’s. Number one lesson learned as a result of meningitis – Don’t mess with “Shirley.”

Though my mom is not officially a contributor to the site, much of her is with us. She is ever-present and always contributes positively to our lives. Much of what I do and have learned is a result of the fourth gal, Shirley Mary.




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