Home Office Love

I’m obsessed with my charming, yet small, home office. I credit my obsession with the fact I lived in the little room for hours on end for several years. I am here to tell you working from home is not often as wonderful as it may seem in theory. I was presented with many challenges and many scenarios that would have made great sitcom material.

My dear friend, Thea, sparked my work from home nostalgia in her recent Lint Trap post! I also worked at home with a small child, and often walked that same fine line of balance as Thea is doing with her Sassy Lady Baby. Thea’s post also reignited my plan to get my office back into working order rather than a place to pay bills and store board games. I still work from home here and there, and have ideas to gain even more productivity  – not to mention more style – in this space of mine.

Operation Office Re-do  has been in motion for years, but the timing was always off. The operation was recently revived when my husband announced that he was going to add another built in shelf system – Oh, the excitement! This means my plans to do what I want to do are more than hatched – Now I have bargaining power (enter diabolical laughter). As I have often mentioned my husband is ADD Type B, and takes forever to finish a big project. You see where I am going? If I allow him to do all that he wants to do with the shelves – I will be able to do what I want to do with the design/decor.

I have been collecting ideas for my dream office since the days of conference calls, loads of laundry, marketing plans, babysitters, and virtual staff management. I will now be able to incorporate all that I love from my gallery (aptly titled “Home Office Love”) into my very own small, but treasured, office space. I think you will agree these office spaces are pretty cool.






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One response to “Home Office Love

  1. SImplistic and Perfect gets my vote! I love that one!

    Thanks so much for the love. I really appreicate it! Feel free to link me into your posts anytime. If you could see my work from home office you may have thought twice about including me here. You seriously cannot see the top of my desk for all the crap sitting on it. I normally just work on the couch or dining room table (much to my type A husband’s chagrin). When you get done redoing your home office, come spruce mine up!

    xo T


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