Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I grew up in a family of dog lovers. We never had cats, and I always swore I did not like cats.  At age 30, all of that changed when TWO cats entered my life. Lucy literally chose us as her family, and we rescued Maggie with the idea we would find her a good home. Well, we found Maggie a home alright – ours.

Lucy and Maggie became inseparable, and we fell in love with each of their quirky ways. They have brought us so much joy over the past 10+ years. We lost Maggie the Cat two days ago, and have been in shock over her sudden death. It is the first time either of the girls has lost a pet and it has been a difficult fact of life to handle.

Being a good English major, I named Maggie after Tennessee Williams’ character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Maggie was a cat obsessed with being loved – much like the character in the book. The first time I ever held Maggie she climbed up around my neck and squeezed me with her paws like a vice grip.

The quirkest of the the two, Maggie did not like people other than our immediate family – her meow was deafening – she drooled when she was happy on your lap – and she was gluttonous! Maggie also adored being loved by us and you could see it in her beautiful green eyes.

When we came home from running errands on Saturday we found Maggie in the sunroom and she was obviously sick. I went to her and could immediately see something was terribly wrong. Unfortunately there was no time to act – no getting her to the vet – she died within 15 minutes. I was with her and calmly said her name as she took her last breath by the garden bench. We will never know what happened to her, though we are so thankful it was quick.

There is a heaviness to all of our hearts. It is hard to be in the sunroom without Maggie’s presence, and it is difficult to hear Lucy’s odd meows that are obvious calls for her sister. I would never have imagined I could have loved a cat the way I have loved Lucy and Maggie.We will miss our Maggie the Cat and are grateful for the 10+ years we had with her.


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  1. Connie

    I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I gasped when I read this post. I have loved reading everything you have written since I discovered your website. My heart aches for you all.


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