Organized Chaos – A Control Freak’s Planner

The 1950’s theory of Type A and Type B personalities is often referred to in pop psychology. The high-strung “A” versus the laid-back “B” personalities are labels we often use. I am a classic “A” married to the classic “B” (I often thank my lucky stars it is that way because I couldn’t imagine being married to another Type A)!

 I am your text book Type A person – achievement oriented and reactive, a gifted multi-tasker, and highly motivated in most situations. I admit I love a challenge and also tend to be a perfectionist. To be perfectly honest – some control freak ways eek in here and there (Ha!).

Exibit A – My planner.  I am still a paper and pen planner type of person even though I absolutely adore my iPhone.  If I lost my planner you would probably find me walking in circles trying to get a grip. The 5.5 x 8.5 notebook keeps me in control.

A friend of mine has planner envy, and has begged me to put one together for her.Instead I am giving her the power to do her own…right here – right now.

I could never find a planner perfect for my life. I came across planners with elements I loved, but there was always something missing. Finally I came up with the solution – create MY perfect planner.  I began searching for ideas and came up with some great finds. Who knew there were so many awesome printables for a DIY planner? I highly recommend our friends at Creative Mamma, Life Your Way and Gennifer Pace Bursett. You can download and customize elements to fit your needs with these sites. I used a small notebook (5.5 x 8.5), divider tabs, plastic page protectors and a velcro pocket.

My life is often chaotic, however I can handle organized chaos.





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