Time Marches On

We are filled with many firsts in our lives – first kiss, first love, first born. Today my first born began her senior year of high school. With all the running around that a school morning brings I simply did not have the time to take in the magnitude of this particular first.

It began to hit me when I dropped the youngest off at school. My simple statement to Sarah jolted me into reality – “I remember when you were in my belly and I was dropping Mary Beth off in this very spot.” Inside I gasped! Having kids 10 years apart has always been an interesting fact of life, and I was quickly taken back to the very day in August when I was 7 months pregnant. Suddenly I could see the little blonde-headed girl hopping out of the car and walking into the elementary school. It was only when Sarah spoke up with her typical morning good-byes that I was jolted back into reality.

We are going to be experiencing many firsts over the coming year – first college application, first letter of acceptance and many more. I know I am not the first mother to experience all the anxieties and emotions that come with seeing their first born head off into the world on their own, but it is significant in my life. Mary Beth and I have been so much to each other all of these years. As a single parent much of her life, we were more than just mother and daughter. Mary Beth and I grew up together.

Even though I was not allowed to take a picture documenting the first day of Mary Beth’s senior year, I have a mental picture that I will always keep with me. The picture of a beautiful girl racing around to choose the right outfit, the picture of her running down the hall with the toothbrush in her mouth mumbling words that could not be understood, and the picture of her brushing that long blonde hair are with me in heart and mind.

This time next year my mornings will be a lot less hectic, and missing something precious.



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