Small Space Overhaul

The second child is one that often gets the raw end of the deal…fewer baby pictures, hand-me-downs, and smaller spaces to call their own. There is a ten year difference in age between the girls, and it is only natural the youngest got the smallest bedroom. After all, she was an infant when we moved into our home.

We made a plan to overhaul Sarah’s small room before the school year began. Our main objective was to make Sarah’s room more functional for a second grader, while meeting her request to get rid of the little girl aspects of her bedroom. She wanted something “cool” and conducive to playing – we wanted a study space for schoolwork and a place for all her numerous art projects.

We realized from the beginning there was no way a traditional desk was going to fit into that tight space.Ikea is one of the BEST places to shop for furniture made specifically for a small space. We were not in our local store for more than 15 minutes before we found the ideal situation – a wall mount drop leaf desk! Combined with a series of shelves to save floor space, we had the perfect solution.

Sarah’s bed is a Pottery Barn bed with a trundle (filled with toys while the mattress is being stored elsewhere!) and works great for her little room. She is set for the next while! All is happy in the life of the youngest gal.





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