It’s August & Back-To-School

School supplies. I love brand new school supplies! There is something about crisp notebook paper, freshly sharpened pencils and all the necessities that screams fresh start. The weekend was spent organizing everything for the start of a new school year. The family room looked as if a school supply tornado hit hard!

The first day of school is such a big deal to kids. My youngest is making a big jump to second grade where she gets to change classes and really begin taking care of so much on her own. My oldest embarks on her senior year of high school and the excruciating fun process of applying to colleges.

Here are some GREAT little ideas for school fun:

 ~ Take the guess work out  with this great “First Day…” sign. Take a photo of your child holding the sign to document the start of a new year. If you do this each year you will have a fabulous collage of first days! I also love the lunchbox notes and lunchbox jokes to help get the kids through the school day. All of these items can be found with our friends at Chickabug.

~ If you are looking for  fantastic back-to-school ideas check out the the talented gals at Eighteen25! I like the little round love notes for quick lunch box happys throughout the year. The ladies also have some great ideas for teacher gifts as well, so check them out when you need ideas.

 ~ If you have ever worked or volunteered in a classroom you are sure to recognize teachers have one of the toughest jobs. I love making our teachers feel appreciated. This “First Day Teacher’s Aid” is a wonderful way to start the year off right. You can find the download at Bee In Our Bonnet. I put Hershey Miniatures, Starburst, Trident, Post-Its and some other goodies in ours.

I also made great little bookmarks for the girls. They are so simple to make, and are a cute way to mark a place in a notebook or textbook. I’m glad to see the days of the Trapper Keeper are long gone and the  stylish school supplies are prevalent!















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