Days of Summer

As a kid I always loved the lazy days of summer. The thing is they really were never “lazy.” I lived in the pool, and on the tennis courts. Not to mention camps – Vacation Bible Schools, Davidson College tennis camp, Girl Scout camp. Summer was always the best time for a kid! I could list ALL the things we used to do, but it would go on forever. We would literally walk out the door in the morning to jump into the pool, return for meals, and head back out way past dark.

One of my fondest memories, as a teen about to head off to college, is the summer spent with my best friend on the lake. Mandy’s parents traveled all the time, and as an only child she needed someone with her when they were gone. We both worked at the same place, and we also had tons of play time on Lake Norman. It was one of those summer that you never forget. I can hear a particular couple of songs, and immediately I am right back there with her.

Sometimes I wonder if my own kids will have the same thoughts and fondness about their summers. I’ve decided to try to help them experience some of the things I did – Homemade ice cream, freezer pops on front porch, lightening bugs (fireflies for my friends up north), watermelon in the backyard, the slip and slide, camping (well, sort of), creek/rock hopping…last but not least – laying a blanket outside as you gaze up at the stars (with tons of Mosquito repellent).

Sarah has enjoyed her first experience at camp! Mary Beth has also gotten to enjoy some of the great things summer has to offer her. July 4th is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to some of the staple summer favorites to share.

Sarah at camp!


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