Take A Deep Breath

On Friday morning my oldest baby had her graduation/awards ceremony for middle school. Mary Beth is headed for high school in mere months. It’s all a little surreal for me at the moment. My mother always talked about these altering moments in life where you kind of stand there taking it all in, and telling yourself to just breathe. I had one of those moments.

Everything was spinning around me – parents were snapping pictures and kids were running all over the place. Mary Beth and her friends were all dressed up and smiling. I was taking pictures almost robotic like. Mary Beth did a little eye-rolling about the whole thing. It smacked me like a ton of bricks as all the kids lined up on the stairs for a photo – more and more kept piling on the front steps at the community college. It hit me – in exactly four years from now I will be doing this with Mary Beth’s high school graduation…many of the same kids all dressed up…smiles and hugs (and I am sure some eye-rolling).The time has gotten away from me. Sarah shot up in four short years, and Mary Beth will be graduating high school – college bound in that same amount of time.

You know that cheesy saying “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, ut by the moments that take our breath away” (I really AM sorry – but it is a little cheesy and over used)? Well I had the wind knocked out of me! There she was…my beautiful, precious first-born, and all I was thinking about in those short utterly insane moments… There is so much I want to do with her still. How can I pack all of that into four short years? So, Mom – you are right! Every now and then you are presented with a life-altering moment where you must remind yourself to breathe deep.

(Pictures will come later)


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