Bird Land

Most everyone has come to know that we are bird people! We enjoy all that comes with watching them and learning more. Unfortunately, we have a Mockingbird that is dominating the yard. FYI – Mockingbirds chase other birds away. Mark noticed that it was building a nest in our bush perhaps. We were hoping that it was just in the beginning stages so we could move it where all would be well in our bird world. No luck…we now have 3 little, baby Mockingbirds! I was able to get a quick picture before Mama Bird returned hysterical. It’s so cool to see baby birds. All they know how to do is sleep and open wide (much like my own babies LOL).

My Mother’s Day gift was a beautiful new bird bath. I have to admit Mark and the kids picked out a bath that was far beyond my expectations. I absolutely LOVE it! If you look closely you can see the Hummingbirds carved into the stone. Once the rain tapered off we were able to get it all situated for our thousands of birds that live here with us!

For now we will contend with Mockingbird mania – we hope the other birds will be tantalized by this new bath, and the placement of my house bird-feeder (FINALLY!). I only wish Mother’s Day was on Saturday so I could spend a day watching the action.



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