Back to the Question…

What Kind of World Do You Want? Today was Primary Day in the beautiful state of NC. I cannot believe the number of phone calls I received from campaign workers. I do not mean pre-recorded calls (though I have received one or two over the past month) – I am talking honest to goodness people wanting to talk about change,and making it happen.

Just a few short minutes ago I saw where NBC News projected Barack Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the North Carolina primary, one of the last two big-delegate states left in their marathon race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Still, Obama, in a raucous rally in Raleigh, N.C., congratulated Clinton on what he said “appears to be” a win in Indiana.

I had to laugh today when people were walking around speaking about the NC Primary. There is still not an actively voiced favorite!   I guess it is true that you should never talk about Religion and Politics unless you are prepared to fight.

There was one person in particular who keeps their political affiliation under wraps for the most part. He was walking around proudly with an “I voted” flag sticker on his lapel. I was surprised by that because only Democrats and unaffiliated voters were permitted to vote in North Carolina. Either his cover is blown, or he is wearing his call for change on his sleeve.

So many peoople are asking the question, and will continure to ask the question as we look down the road to a new President. It is safe to say it is a question that should and will not ever leave our thoughts…what kind of world do YOU want?



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