A Daily Ritual

 My dad has started this little daily ritual on the days Sarah and I head out the door in the 7:00am timeframe. It is a ritual that has piggybacked something Sarah does each morning. As we are getting ready to head out the door, Sarah places a little stuffed dachshund in the big picture window. She waves goodbye to it as we drive away. It is something she MUST do each day (if you get my drift – Can you say O.C.D.?).

One day when we arrived back home there was a “friend” with the dog! It had been placed right beside it (lovingly I might add). Each day there was something new going on…a new scene if you will. Without fail – something else would find its way to the window daily and wait for Sarah to return.

Sarah has marveled at the sights! She has squealed and placed blame on her sister who arrives home about 30 minutes before we do. Mary Beth keeps promising that she has nothing to do with it. Each day the setup and arrangement has gotten better and more elaborate. Today many “friends” gathered for a game of Zingo (Sarah’s favorite game to play). In we walk…Jaws dropped. Well, today was PROOF Mary Beth does not play a role in this little ritual. You see – MB is in New York! Sarah has not once thought that her “Gaggy” comes by during the day to leave her with this little surprise.

When we were away today, I received a phone call from Mom AND Dad warning me Sarah was sure to be dumbfounded! Henry (the Penguin) decided to dress up in Sarah’s school uniform…and everyone gathered somehow. The absolute BEST setup was to come. Sarah has a giant Barbie that was handed down from her big sister (I’ve always hated the thing!). Can you image the SQUEAL of all squeals when Sarah discovered the Barbie was “in the bathroom”…OMG! My dad and his humor – what a riot! If only I had a camera to capture her face when she saw it. To Sarah – there is still no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.



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  1. what a wonderful “gaggy” she has…..and humor! what a riot…..and lots of love!


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