Is Humor Inherited?

Many of those who know my father know that he is one crazy funny man! He has a sense of humor like no other, and is always approached for one of his latest humorous stories. The scary thing is that most of his tales are true…yet I am sure there are tiny exaggerations for comedic purpose.

I’ve often wondered if humor is something that is inherited. I’ve realized that my children are funny little people as well. I don’t mean they simply do funny things…they find humor is so much. They also come out with some zingers of their own. I spent the day shopping around with them – on to dinner – and the laughing was everywhere. It reminded me of what happens when you are around my father. Just like him…when they realize they have you laughing…they keep on going!

A sense of humor is important in life. If you can’t laugh at things you are doomed! The old saying goes “you laugh to keep from crying”… yet I feel like laughing and humor keep you young and lively. My dad is living proof. With my family the way they are perhaps I will live to 100!


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