Attack of the Killer Pollen

neti-pot.jpgneti-pot.jpgHow can it be that my favorite time of year simply hammers my allergies? I spent the entire day outside and I am paying for it! I am convinced that allergies are the devil!

So many people I know keep telling me to “irrigate my sinus cavity.”  My mom has one, Dr. Oz swears by them, my great-aunt uses it… the Neti Pot. I’ll admit that I tried it before at my moms house, and it was not pretty. There is a trick to doing it, and apparently I am as big of a klutz with my nose as I am with everything else. I’m all for anything that does not require me taking a pill. I guess I am going to have to give up and  simply practice.

You tell me…is this something you would look forward to?



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One response to “Attack of the Killer Pollen

  1. gillian

    paul does the sinus rinse thing, religiously!!! he keeps telling me i should too but i can’t bring myself too.


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