The Value of Money

Designer handbags – shoes – sunglasses, big/expensive cars, large plasma tv’s. We see them all the time! What message are we sending to one another, and our children? I saw a 13 year old girl with a designer purse that I do not even have! I remember well wanting a particular sweater from a store that I will not name. I just feel like it has gotten out of control even more.  You can blame society, media, celebrities…the truth is that is all begins at home. How much value do we really place on money?

Things are really tight for most people now – have you seen the prices in the grocery stores? Gas prices continue to sky-rocket! The average, hard-working person is tightening their belt. I overheard a story where a young girl mentioned something she was going to do over spring break. One of her males classmates responded with, “You are doing that? I thought you were poor!”

My daughter learned about such attitudes early on unfortunately. I raised her by myself for a many years. We lived in this great apartment in the historic district of our town. We loved the place! A friend came over to play and taunted MB over living in an apartment while she lived in a great BIG house. Mary Beth’s response was beautiful (in first grade mind you), “It doesn’t matter what size house you live in as long as there is love.”

What does it say about people when we equate happiness or worthiness with wealth? There are two quotes that I found…”The money you have can give you freedom, but the money you pursue enslaves you.”(Rousseau) as well as an Hasidic saying, “One who thinks money can do everything is likely to do anything to get it.”

We all need money. We all have desires to do things we need and want to do. It is great to be able to take your children out shopping for cute clothes each season, and to provide them with great opportunities. It is also wonderful to be able to do the things we as adults want to do. Money can have a powerful narcotic effect on our values…ask yourself this question – What would I do if I suddenly had a dispensable income (and be honest)?



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5 responses to “The Value of Money

  1. salnix

    Ok…so I received an email about what I would do with a dispensable income (only fair I give my answers):

    1) Completely remove my family…parents, brother, in-laws from debt. Paying off houses, cars etc…

    2) Make certain there was a trust/college fund available for my girls. Making sure there is enough if they wanted to pursue advanced degrees.

    3) Invest wisely so that my family never had to worry about retirement years.

    4) I would take care of the things that needed to be done with my home – repairs, improvements etc…

    5) I would establish a charitable foundation to help those in need due to circumstances beyond their control. Part of this would include a scholarship fund for kids who have worked hard, but cannot afford college.

    6) Give to the organizations that have meant so much to my life – like my church, Komen etc…


  2. my answer is much the same as yours, sally….i have five daughters and their families and i would remove the debt from their lives

    trust funds for grandbabies (already have four)

    make sure we were set for retirement, as that is only about three years away.

    make a difference by giving to causes that are near and dear to me

    i would,(you said to be honest), love to travel more and also have a family “homestead” near the ocean or in the mountains, where our very large family could come and gather…..a place in nature for the grandkids, away from the hustle and bustle!


  3. gillian

    I too would pay of my debt and any debt my family had. I would set up a college/trust fund for my son. The rest I would use to further God’s kingdom…have it be giving substantially to my church, becoming a missionary in a country in need or in my back yard. Wherever the Lord would send me that is where I’d go.


  4. salnix

    Kimberly…I cannot believe I forgot to add what I would do to splurge. I, too, would travel – I’d love to be able to do that with my family in the summers. Imagine as a child getting to learn about the Spanish Steps in Rome rather than reading about it.
    Instead of an owned home in one location I would rent out a villa in Italy for one summer…A flat in London the next etc…


  5. wouldn’t that be wonderful? 🙂


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