Visit From Sisters

100_2923.jpgLeisa showed up on my doorstep (after what seems like a year!), and what-do-you-know Michele M. called just as we were settling in to chat. It was as if the “Sisterhood” stars were in line.

Of course, Leisa had to arrive in true Leisa form…thankfully I was able to perch atop her bike without killing myself (I am not a motorcycle person with the exception of the 3Day MotoCrew -not a word Leisa!) BTW Leisa…hit the register button, or I will get the picture(s) in question and post it on my blog. Yout too Michele M…I will hunt you down in Alabama!100_2924.jpg







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One response to “Visit From Sisters

  1. michele morgan

    looks like you both had a great visit. i want to hear more about that “motor crew” story. Never mind, i’ll just call leisa…..i’m sure for the right price she will tell all!!


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