4415main.jpgIn the days of email, internet, Blackberry’s, voice mail and IPODS –  I received a piece of mail today. Remember that? Real mail that you open. There is so much to be said for a hand-written note.

It made me so happy that I have decided to send more myself.



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  1. i’ve got to say this is something else i have thought about also…..good way to slow things down a bit.

    found out i have heel spurs in both feet……has been so painful…..but dr. said it is temporary….and no problem with walking the 3-day again! 🙂 so…..we’ll see how this treatment goes…..and then go from there….my brother has already signed up for phx again… that is where i would walk also.
    saw you were walking in d.c…..good luck with your goal, sally… cousin has stage 2….and some other friends, so i also was thinking i might take this year off (feet and all) but…if i can, i will be walking.
    have a wonderful day…


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