My four year old is a lover of games! Our game closet is packed to the hilt. Mark and his family have always loved games as well – living in Holland for years forced them to look for alternatives to entertainment as TV was really not an option. For them it was about traveling around, and playing games.

Mark has been teaching Sarah how to play chess. He did the same with Mary Beth several years ago. It is Hilarious watching Sarah get into it, and talk about the “rooks” and “bishops.” They spent yesterday afternoon in the playroom trying to checkmate the other.


PS…I never did learn how to play. Apparently those who play chess are also good at math. My case and point – math comes easily to everyone else in the family…even Sarah!




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2 responses to “Games

  1. angela glover

    Dear Sally and family,

    I have read your entire blog and I have never been so touched, inspired and overwelmed in my whole life! I’ve always knew from the start that Sally and I were ment to be friends but I never realized that my friend is an Angel sent from God. I cannot express myself as beautifully as Sally but I just wanted to say that you and your whole family never cease to amaze me. I’m so proud of MB and Sarah. I want to run over to your mother’s house and help her through her tough time. Those three marvilous men in your life well,they are there for sheer enjoyment! Give my love to everyone. I want to be just like you Sally Neely Nix! You are my Hero!

    Love Angela


  2. angela glover

    I love you all!


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