Service Project – Holocaust Museum

Mary Beth has taken a great interest in the Holocaust. Each day she comes home with new revelations, and facts. A couple of years ago she read Number of the Stars and her interest began. Just recently she read Elie Wiesel’s Night and began to think more about what she could do? It has been obvious that it all weighs so heavily on her.

She’s met a couple of Holocaust survivors, and developed a fondness of one in particular. She wants to take the gentleman for coffee, though he does not sleep after talking about his experience. Last night she returned from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. I’ve noticed her emotions have been running high – after accidentally erasing the pictures of her trip she cried, and cried. Truthfully I do not feel as if it was over the lost pictures as much as it was the experience.

She has decided to do a service project with the museum called R3… R3:Remembrance, Reflection, Response. It is a program that encourages young people to think about the lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance to today. Check it out below…

Mary Elizabeth, you are honoring Arnaud Grynbaum. Arnaud was born in 03.02.1928 in Germany. Arnaud died in Auschwitz.  Service Project for Mary Elizabeth



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