What Are They Thinking?

There are times I post great, inspirational pieces on my blog…other times I have to share my “What Are They Thinking?” posts. I have to admit this one really makes me cringe.

Tapeworms. They are nasty parasites that pose great risk to human beings. I remember seeing one for the first time on Discovery and being completely grossed out…imagine having one inside of your body?! ICK. Now, take it a step further – Imagine having one inside your body, on purpose – knowingly!

Apparently this is the newest in diet crazes. Swallowing tapeworm eggs to loose what! WHAT are people thinking? One woman says, “Now, I eat pizza and donuts for three meals a day, and I still lose weight! When friends ask me what my secret is, I have to giggle, just thinking of that cute little tapeworm, feasting away on my intestinal wall.” Are you insane?

On snopes.com they have it listed as “undetermined.” There seems to be a current FDA probe on a maker of a diet pill. In the past the usage of tapeworm larvae was something of thruth. Has it really made a comeback? Or is an urban myth rearing its head?

I did see something on TV where a woman died from a tapeworm. She did know about it, and liked her “new body.” I’m sure when people said their final goodbyes they were amazed at how great she looked (being completely sarcastic here…please don’t get me wrong).

People take care of yourselves! There is NO easy way to diet, or live better. There are so many people in this world who want to live normal, healthy lives.


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  1. syrena

    I saw that same program! I could not believe it. It was really one of those wth was she thinking.
    Your inspirational posts are great and I equally love your others.


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