What Kind of World DO You Want?

I just received an interesting email about the title of my blog. Apparently some of those who have been in the breast cancer circle I have been in for many years saw my listing and knew immediately. It’s funny how certain things pop out at you – it seems my title did just that.

Said email reads: I stumbled across your blog and have been reading it for quite some time now. I really do enjoy reading your words. The title attracted me due to my recent involvement with a life of breast cancer. I began reading it and only a handful of posts refer to that topic. Are you involved in the breast cancer world? If so, I’d like to add you to my blog roll.

Kind stranger – Am I involved in the world of breast cancer? Most certainly…take a look at my “sister blog” the one that got it all started. I certainly do not mind being associated with your blog (as long as it is tasteful, of course). Since I moved to WordPress many do not realize I have two blogs.

So what kind of world DO I want? (also asked in the email). I want a world free of breast cancer, damnit! (ALL cancers as a matter of fact). There are so many other things I wish for in this world – far too many to list in a blog. So, I’ll let this opening of the song speak for me…

Got a package full of wishes
A time machine, a magic wand
A globe made out of gold
No instructions or commandments,
Laws of gravity or indecisions to uphold
Printed on the box I see: ACME’s Build a World to Be.
Take a chance, grab a piece
Help me to believe it

Thank you all that read my blogS…I have almost reached ten thousand. Side note: I am NOT that interesting.



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3 responses to “What Kind of World DO You Want?

  1. Kara

    I am one of those people that reads your blog faithfully. I do not know what it is about your words that make me want to read more. I have kids as well, and constantly stay entertained by the remarks about your family.
    Your other blog is AMAZING. I love how you work so hard to educate people. You are making a difference. You have in my life and I am a perfect stranger.
    Kara, New Mexico


  2. blair

    I am Kara’s friend from NM. We actually chat about your posts quite frequently. One of our favorites was “Butt Words”. We have always wondered why people wear pants with words across the behind. You put it out there though.
    I have a sister with breast cancer who lurks on your other blog. She took an article in to her doctor and she asked what doctor gave her the info LOL. Apparently he completely agreed.
    Please keep up the work, errr words.

    Blair Robbins from Santa Fe


  3. salnix

    I am completely touched, shocked…and a little embarrassed. I guess I need to start jazzing up my life a little for something interesting for you to read…just way too boring these days. Loving life though!



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