Where Are You Spring?

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

Saturday’s weather was just a tease! I felt spring coming – making its way around the corner. I woke today and it was bitter, damp…not spring-like.

My big fear with the wishy-washy weather of late is that my apple tree will get zapped again. It did not bloom last year,and the start to my favorite season was just not the same.

On the weekends I love to get up early when the house is quiet, sit in the living room with a cup of coffee while watching all the birds. My apple tree in full bloom makes me so happy. It’s the simple things like that which give me such pleasure. Who needs diamonds, pearls, or Prada bags when you have gifts like this? I am ready for spring!


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One response to “Where Are You Spring?

  1. Spring is late in my book! I miss the warm temps, birds chirping… and can’t wait for peop’s to stop posting snow to their blogs. Man, I shiver even to see it in p-graphs. My!

    thanks for stopping by my blog… I’m enjoying yours too! 🙂 ~Monica


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