“Believe In The Unbelievable”


In every prayer may you find a place of refuge. In every memory may Heaven feel a little closer. In every dawn may Jesus meet you there.

Today little 8 year old Harrison was buried. The words above are from his program. My heart was filled with such grief this morning, yet at the same time with  so much celebration for the life of a remarkable child.

Not being Catholic, I was touched by the beauty and ritual of the funeral. As the Priest said, “We are all to live out a mission. At conception that mission begins.” Most of us spend a lifetime traveling down the road of our individual mission – Harrison’s lifetime was much shorter, but he lived out every bit of his mission. I only wish more people could have been touched by his compassion for others, his immense courage, and his deep belief in the unbelievable.

There was never one complaint out of Harrison’s mouth. He never asked why he was sick, and his spirit did not break while suffering with his disease. A family member mentioned how he took care of others,and always worried about them. Through intense treatments Harrison remained positive and full of hope. He lead many others down the path of hope and deep belief. He was a gift to all that knew him.

Sunflowers were Harrison’s favorite! We were all given a single sunflower to lay on his casket, and a pouch of seeds to plant. This afternoon I cleared some ground that will be a sunflower patch in my yard. I will plant them when the time is right as a reminder of this precious child. I will never look at a sunflower the same way.

Lord, bless this child and keep him in the hollow of Your hand, and make the wind blow softly at his back. O Lord, bless this child.



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  1. beautiful, sally……thank you so much for sharing this with us…..what an amazing little boy he was….his influence so far reaching…..i wish i could have known him, but i am so grateful that you shared him with us, so we could be touched by his life.


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