Working From Home – Wednesday Reflection

I’ve realized something about working from home…I miss people. It was so awesome during the time I was at home FULL-TIME! It’s like I’ve had this epiphany – I need people…I am a people person.
Don’t get me wrong though – I enjoy being able to work from home. I have to admit I get more done that way with no interruption. All of my 3-day staff friends who have taken to working away from their home office totally understand where I am coming from as well. It’s like you go into a bubble, and emerge realizing there is life outside of walkers, donation issues, server problems. I love working with Davidson Day School…they are awesome in their own right. It’s great to get out of my workout clothes, and get going super early.

What a great network of people I have! Just some Wednesday reflections as I work on a projects from my home office.


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