Snow Days

Global Warming has certainly shown its negativity in NC. As a child I remember many HUGE snows where we were out of school for days, and spent hours on end playing in the snow. My mother and I were talking about those days when my brother and I left the house and she didn’t see us the rest of the day. Some of my best memories were of days where my friends and I went sledding for hours on end. Transplants to our area cannot believe that I missed well over a week my senior year of high school due to a massive snow. What fun those days were.

Mary Beth has seen a handful of good snows around here, but this week was the first time Sarah experienced waking up to a covered ground. It didn’t last long, but we sit today anxiously waiting on more to fall over the next 24 hours. I still love snow, and wouldn’t mind seeing a massive snow storm so that I can get out and really play myself.


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