My New Toy AND Art Form

I don’t smoke…I don’t drink (other than the occasional glass of wine)…I don’t gamble…I do not harm my children…I DRINK COFFEE!!!! It’s my vice. I was completely happy to hear that coffee helps so many things from asthma to breast cancer prevention.

Who knew one could have sooooo much fun with an industrial coffee, espresso, cappuccino maker?Santa was good to mama! It really is an art…seriously! It only looks easy. There is so much to it if you want to be a creator of good foam – hahahahahahhaaaaa. You have your Caffe Napoli, Iced Coffee Americano, Cafe Mezzo Mezzo, and my new favorite – Affagato.
Suddenly I have daily visitors. Each day my mother and brother arrive at my doorstep begging for cappuccinos. I have perfected the Turtle Capp for mom while Tripp is the more traditional drinker. He’s great with a dry cappuccino or straight up espresso. So, I work to perfect my new art…I am a “new barista” – someone who has a passion for coffee and espresso and who finds joy in preparing the perfect cup (snicker, snicker). Tell that one to my husband who watched me make a steamed milk shower my first time. I have since found my way.
Come on by…Cafe Sally is open!

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