Incredible Fella!

After writing about Christmas, being thankful for everything in my life etc… I walked into the kitchen and came across a mug I was given by two of my students. It is a mug in honor of one of them…Harrison. He is such a joy, and has so much light inside of him. He is also one of the bravest people I have ever met.

Harrison has been fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma since his 3rd birthday. Mainly affecting children, Neuroblastoma is a relatively rare cancer of the sympathetic nervous system a nerve network that carries messages from the brain throughout the body.Each year about 650 children in the United States will develop Neuroblastoma.
Harrison spends so much of his time away from the school due to his treatments. When he is able to come by for the day he lights the world around him. It excites me to see him come through the door.
A foundation was established in his name to help offset the financial burdens of families fighting Neuroblastoma, to raise local and national awareness regarding Neuroblastoma, and to fund both the education and research necessary to find a cause and a cure. You can read more about Harrison at his Caring Bridge site , and you can also visit the Harrison Nichols Foundation website. The words of Harrison’s mom…”Harrison is filled with an unbreakable courage and a strong spirit.” I have been fortunate to know this family.

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