Christmas 2007

I love Christmas! I love the feeling it brings, and the fun we have as a family. This year was no exception…we had a ball. I really wish people had Christmas in their hearts everyday.

My brother, Tripp, has been around for a couple of weeks. It has been an utter joy for me, and my children have been thrilled. He spoiled them rotten – he loves them so much. Mark’s mom was in town for the holiday as well. She is awesome at playing games with the kids, and keeps them entertained. What would Christmas be without my Mom and Dad? I cherish the time with them…I totally appreciate my mother more and more. Doing all that comes with the celebration is NOT an easy task.

We always go to church for Christmas Eve service, and come home for a nice meal together. The past several years our dear friend “Miss Betty” has been with us. We were sad that she missed this year due to a recent surgery…she just wasn’t up to it.

Christmas Day was AWESOME! Sarah was hysterical…she has completely gotten into everything Christmas from Baby Jesus to Santa, as well as the fun of giving (She had NO problem with receiving either!). Mary Beth always has fun at Christmas. She has always been odd in the sense she want everyone else to open their gifts before her. She was like this as a little girl. I have to say 2007 was one of the best!


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