No More Babies

There are times I wish I had my baby girl back. I love the fact Sarah has grown so and is really spreading her little wings, but I miss the little one that really needed me.
This week has been a crazy, interesting week as Sarah started Davidson Day. She has always been accustomed to school getting out at noon – now it is 3:00. She wanted more! I never realized how much she was ready until this week.
The only thing she was not ready for – the early mornings…I have heard:
“It’s dark – come get me in the morning – I can’t go to school at night”

“I’m not getting up – you come get me up”

“Mimi is looking at me – now she is messing with me.”

All of these statments indicating that she is NOT a morning person – like a true Steele. I know it is one of those have-to-get-used-to-this things…she typically wakes up really happy. All of the stress getting ready is worth it when I see her run into school, and bust through the door.She is my last “baby” – all of the little has seemingly disappeared.


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