Nappy Lamby

Most kids develop a love for a particular item, or items. Both of my girls have loved their “blankies” and a special friend. For Mary Beth it was her teddy that she named “Alice.” We never knew why she chose that name at a very young age, but it stuck. Sarah fell in love with her lamb that she named…well, “Lamby.” I have always loved seeing my girls running to me in their jammies with their blankies and friends clutched in their arms.

Mary Beth kept hers in almost pristine condition. Over 13 years later, they look brand new for the most part. It has been the exact opposite with Sarah – we have stitched the binding on her blanket numerous times, and have sewn the legs on Lamby as well. Lamby has been the butt of many jokes with her now grayish color and matted hair. Sarah even came in one day announcing “Lamby looks nappy.” A new name was born…”Nappy Lamby!”
About a year ago my mom called exclaiming that she has found another lamby. She bought it just in case the unthinkable happened. It was right after we saw a commercial where a toddler threw an animal out of the car window never to be found again. The commercial depicted the child screaming throughout the rest of the 60 second segment. It left an imprint on all of us. We’ve tried to see if Sarah would welcome a NEW Lamby – no luck. Apparently Lamby smells good, and no other Lamby would have that smell. So we have tucked the brand new Lamby away in the closet for Sarah’s children one day. Every now and then we take a look at it to see what Nappy Lamby once looked like….fluffy, soft, beige fur sans that special smell.

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