Real Simple

I am really not a magazine buff. Every now and then I admit to indulging in the guilty pleasure. A couple of years ago I discovered the mag Real Simple. I was hooked! It is the only magazine where I actually have a subscription. In my life I embrace the idea of simplicity (though it does not always happen).

Perhaps it is the inner freak in me – I just love the organizational stuff. Seriously. The crisp, clean images of California Closets (which are NOT only for closets) completely call out to me. You can also find some of the most unique ways to add to your decor. I like a natural atmosphere, and have found some great items in this read.
Yesterday I just sat down to thumb through my new issue – of course I found more great stuff. I also came across the new Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure ad…once again, I am utterly inspired. Race For The Cure is a great event for the entire family, you can literally find one anywhere in the US. Get involved – Walk. Run. Get inspired. Get involved. Make a new friend. Make a difference. It IS Real Simple to get up and take action against breast cancer!


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2 responses to “Real Simple

  1. Liz Forman

    I must confess I subscribe to a lot of magazines….and have subscribed to Real Simple since it first came out. Target sells all kinds of wonderful Real Simple organizing tools and I have the blue magazine holders for all my back issues.

    Sally, another magazine you might like, which came out last year is Domino…..very simple, but a little more urban chic.

    Love, Liz


  2. Liz Forman

    PS….I was greatly inspired by our visit the other night, and have signed up to be a coordinator for a local effort with the Pink Lids (Yoplait) project for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Although breast cancer has not touched me personally, it has touched many I know, and if I can help in even a small way, I want to! We will be putting collection boxes up in several schools and churches in Richmond…and will hopefully play a small but significant part in this great fall project!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sally!

    Liz (Wee-Ba)


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