Mr. & Mrs. Nankervis

Tom & Lynn Nankervis
In an earlier post – I Just Love A Wedding – I mentioned the wedding of my sister-in-law, Lynn. It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have witnessed. There was so much feeling, and emotion as this family joined as one. All seven of their children were a significant part of the wedding, and each received a special medallion to signify the commitment of family. It was precious.

Rachel & The Family Medallion

The Entire Family

Mary Beth enjoying the fun of a wedding at the beach

Mark with his mom, and his sister.

I wanted to write about this before now, with more details from Lynn. BUT, with seven kids how on Earth would she even have the time to get more photos etc…to me?! We got to spend quite a bit of time in Tampa with Tom, Lynn and all of the children. All of the kids had a great time swimming in Lynn’s pool, and feeding the Sand Hill Cranes. I could go on and on, and share way too many photos. Everyone is so happy for the entire family!

Sarah asked me to add one more set of pictures below (somehow “Lamby” got into quite a few photos, and also enjoyed the wedding). Sarah was also fascinated by the chocolate fountain!


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