The End of Summer

It is that time again…the school year,and the official end to summer (although you would never know it from the heat!). We head to open house tonight – I always remember those days when I was anxious to see my class lineup, and which teacher I had for my classes.

A little known freakish fact about me…I love school supplies. I know?! Crazy. I loved the fresh , crisp pages of a brand new notebook – new pens – sharp No.2 pencils. If you pay close attention to me now, it has carried over in my career. My entire family knows not to mess with my pens. Even though I am well-versed on Microsoft Project, and other Office programs, I am still a sucker for my “Project Notebooks.” There is something about the writer in me that loves to have it all down in ink – OR pencil.
As Mary Beth begins her 8th grade year, I am gearing up for the rat race myself. School uniforms have to be picked up tonight, she has to have her Algebra calculator approved, we do a parent/student run through of her classes tonight, forms have to be turned in to begin, lunch menus need to be picked up for the next week, permission slips…..and this list just goes on and on. I am reminded that school IS work. Yet, the little fact that sent me over the edge – this time next year is High School.
For now, I am going to enjoy my last 48 hours with the girls before we are launched into the structured mode. One last good DVD tonight, perhaps a scoop of our favorite Mint Chocolate Chip…but the most wonderful, curling up together as we drift off into la-la land.

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