If You Listen, You Can Hear The Sighs…

Millions of young girls are cozying up on the couch this evening for the premiere of High School Musical 2! I know this well, as I have a 13 year-old daughter crazy about the entire thing. It has even spilled over to my 3 year-old. Only those who live under a rock have no clue as to what I am talking about here. Seriously…it is Grease for this generation.
At the heart of the hoopla…Zac Efron, a gorgeous young man who makes the teenage girls swoon. His steel blue eyes, and perfect smile have made him the next big thing. No, I am not some sicko woman with a fancy for a young guy (although I believe he is actually 20). I simply remember the days when I adored Shaun and David Cassidy. How well I recall watching The Hardy Boys, and The Partridge Family with the same feeling my own daughter has over Zac. I know I am NOT alone here.
There is no denying he is beautiful – the epitome of metrosexual. Just like Shaun and David before him, he is coiffed, dressed, and looks better than many women I know. As I pointed out to my daughter – I have to be weary of a man that uses more ‘product’ than I do, and spends more time in the mirror getting ready (Millions of young girls will disagree).
So, as Mary Beth attends the HSM2 premiere party at a friend’s house…I may have to tune in as well to reminisce.



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2 responses to “If You Listen, You Can Hear The Sighs…

  1. Nonnie

    NOT alone! 🙂 Every time I hear “How Can I be Sure?” I can remember exactly where I was when I so passionately performed a lip sync of said song!

    My kids are older, and their kids VERY young, so HSM and HSM2 are new to them. Grease was their big thing and I hear comparisons being made about HSM being the “GREASE” for this generation. I guess I need to check it out 🙂


  2. Liz Forman

    Tell Mary Beth that Elizabeth’s good friend Lizzie was in NY this past week and at the theatre on Friday night, turned around and Vanessa Hudgins (sp??) was sitting behind her. They talked while V. was “texting her boyfriend” (Zac???) and she told Lizzie to “say hi to Elizabeth” when Lizzie told them what big fans they are.

    Sally, do you remember when I used to teach you, Shelley and Robin dances to Grease?



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