I Just Love A Wedding

It is an exciting week for our family. My sister-in-law, Lynn is getting married! We are heading to Tampa this Wednesday to share in all the fun that comes with a joyous occasion such as this. I am just so happy for Lynn, and her new family.

Lynn is one of the strongest women I have ever met. There are people in life who take everything that is dished to them in great stride – she is one of them. I do not think I can recall a time when I have heard a complaint from Lynn’s mouth. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, she’s suffered from TIA’s, and has raised four of the most precious children: Rachel, Sam, Matthew, and Michael – Each of them have a special place in my heart. Matthew was diagnosed with Autism several years ago. Lynn was amazing, and fought to be everything she could be for her son. I have a great deal of respect for Lynn, and feel as if she is my own sister.
It seems like only yesterday when Lynn lost her husband Chet. He was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the base neck, and died mere weeks after his diagnosis. Lynn was there with him – every step of the way. She faced the most unbelievable hurdles that come with the loss of a spouse. I know he has peace that his family will be cared for in this new chapter.
It is true blessing to find love in a lifetime. Lynn is twice blessed. Tom is a man that is bringing so many gifts to the family. I know they will be happy, and true partners. I cannot wait to meet the rest of Tom’s family – they have taken Lynn’s family in as their own. His parents even went to a day-long seminar on Autism. Seven kids in one household…the Brady Bunch plus one is what they call themselves. All they need now is an Alice.
What a special day this is going to be – Tom’s father is marrying them, all seven children are part of the wedding, and a new life is beginning for them all. I love a wedding!

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