Another One Hooked

The fascination with Crocs has hit my home twice. It was originally my oldest who came in a couple of years ago declaring she saw “the coolest shoes.” Since then she has gotten multiple pairs (including the Mary Jane’s). I guess her love for the interesting shoe (I have to use that term loosely) trickled down to Sarah. Crocs are to this generation what Jellies were to mine. I have always thought they were the ugliest things, and they just keep coming out with more and more styles (some of which are far less unattractive).

I began seeing the shoes all over the place – they even showed up on my Breast Cancer 3-Day events. I slipped my foot into them for the first time, and was amazed at how my feet felt like they were being massaged. So, I got a pair to wear around the yard etc…I have to admit to it – they feel great.
We visited our good friends on the way back from our vacation. Mark used to work with Paul, and we love going back to the surf shop Mark calls home. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the Crocs sign. They were EVERYWHERE…all styles and all colors. It was like Sarah was in her own little dream world. She immediately found a pair that we have not seen in our area. Needless to say we acquired another pair that have not left her feet since. Her comment… “Mama, they are pretty enough to wear to church – don’t you think?”

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